Laurie Lico Albanese

Stolen Beauty

Lynelle by the Sea

Lynelle names her newborn daughter Grace after her own mother, who died when Lynelle herself was still a young child. Tragically, the joys of motherhood are shattered when Grace is found dead in her crib two mornings after her birth. Pierced by a renewed sense of loss, Lynelle flees her beloved husband and their home in New Jersey, and returns to Florida, seeking solace in the comfort of her childhood home. The story that unfolds explores the gut-wrenching depths of the emotional struggles these two women face, and examines the sustaining connections of family, love, and the power of loss.


”Albanese blazes her own path through the familiar landscape of motherhood. Resonant and charged with feeling. Offers a resonant and complex portrayal of Annie and Lynelle coping with motherhood, loss and forgiveness.”

Publishers Weekly