Lynelle By The Sea

From the Publisher

Lynelle By The Sea

A touching and beautifully written debut novel by a bright new star in women's fiction

Lynelle names her newborn daughter Grace, after her own mother who died when Lynelle was a child. But the joys of motherhood are shattered when Grace is found dead in her crib two mornings after her birth. Pierced by a renewed sense of loss, Lynelle flees her beloved husband and their home in New Jersey, and returns to Florida, seeking solace in the comfort of her childhood home. Annie is the busy and over-stressed mother of a nine-year-old son, a five-year-old daughter, and an unexpected third child--three-month-old Dylan. She struggles to combine her career aspirations with family demands. In Florida visiting her parents, Annie leaves Dylan alone with his brother for a moment under a tree near the beach. In that instant, Lynelle and Annie's lives become inexorably intertwined as Lynelle picks Dylan up from his stroller and walks away with him in her arms. The story that unfolds explores the gut-wrenching depths of the emotional struggles these two women face, and examines the sustaining connections of family, love, and the power of loss.

From New Jersey Monthly

“A poignant story of a mother who must cope with the death of her infant daughter.”

Praise from Library Journal

“In her first novel, the talented Albanese weaves a poignant story of two women suddenly faced with the heartbreak of losing a child… A good read for women of all ages, it is well recommended.”

From Publishers Weekly

“Albanese blazes her own path through the familiar landscape of motherhood….[the book] offers a resonant and complex portrayal of Annie and Lynelle coping with motherhood.”